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BARCELONA TRIPS es un proyecto que comenzó hace 10 años, para conocer España a través de nuestros viajes, una mezcla de culturas, visitas guiadas, entradas a museos y sin duda mucha diversión...

BARCELONA TRIPS compartirá contigo sus experiencias en este país para que puedas disfrutar de los mejores lugares, ciudades, festivales, museos, etc.

Iremos contigo en todas direcciones…

BARCELONA TRIPS se convirtió en una de las agencias de viajes más famosas de esta ciudad con un programa completo que cubre las ciudades y festivales más importantes dentro y fuera de España, organizamos los viajes más grandes en Barcelona cada año y hemos viajado con más de 6000 personas… ahora te toca a ti unirte a BARCELONA TRIPS.

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Oct 2015: I really enjoyed my trip to Andorra and Perpignan. The people in charge was very helpful and happy all day long. Everything went perfect, and when I got sick on the bus on the way home, I got a lot of help. So a very good trip! Rasmus Juncker Nielsen
Nov. 2015: I really liked the trip in general but I think it would have been better to do the guided tour earlier so that it would have been possible to visit the most interesting sights again on your own. Laura
Nov. 2015: My experience with Barcelona Trips has been very good. Knowing nearby cities at a low price and with young people is what i like. I'll definitely continue traveling with you! Mary Talavera
Nov. 2015: Excelente trato del personal desde el inicio hasta el final, excelente hoteles, transporte, desayunos y cenas! Muy complacida! Doriana Lorenzo Garcia
Nov. 2015: Brilliant. An nice and convenient way to see all the places! Clean, big coaches. The tour guide in Girona was so nice, informative and friendly. All the other people on the trip are respectful and lovely! So glad that I discovered Barcelona Trips! I'm looking forward to going on many more trips - THANK YOU!!! 🙂 sherry scharschmidt
Dic 2015: Excelente idea de planificar viajes asi, es muy divertido y se puede pasear, conocer y salir de fiesta. Es perfecto! Veronica
Dec 2015: Very well-organized team. Never stay late behind schedule. Always deliver what they say. Carefully designed program. Only take us to the best must-visit places. Hostels are also great. Leader is dedicated to the trip, caring, and genuine. Very very good price. You will make a lot of friends and memorable time going with these groups. Would recommend this agency to all students in Barcelona. Hoang Ngan Ha
Dec 2015: Hemo is really great! In general I was satisfied with the trip. The only thing that could have been even better are recommendations for the cities, like a restaurant, barrios etc. Sophie Sutrich
dic 2016: En general fue una buena experiencia. El hostal donde llegamos fue bueno y nos sentimos cómodos durante el viaje en especial por la libertad que tuvimos para conocer a nuestra manera, a pesar de ser un tour. Por mejorar, contrataría un bus con baños para traslados tan largos. Gracias. Salomé Madrid Freydell
Jan. 2016: Great trip, great people! Had a great group, lots of young international people with the same intentions of having a good time, so everybody on the same page. As any trip with so many people it had its little logistic problems, but all in all nothing to complain about. Great value for money, thinking of repeating it next month. Definitely recommended! stephan

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