Siurana & Miravet

10 June 2023

37€ / person (30€ offer today through the App)

Siurana and Miravet! 2 cities in one day!

Siurana It is a fairytale village that brings with it the memory of endless sieges and impossible conquests.

The popular legend of the Moorish QueenThe town of Siurana was once the sovereign of Siurana, who, seeing the town besieged by the Christian troops, decided to take her own life before being captured, jumping on his mount, a beautiful white horse, He galloped towards the edge of the cliff, covering the animal’s eyes to prevent it from stopping before the deadly fall.

Miravet: This small town is well known for its Templar castle located at the top of the hill and its old town built just below it, anchored in the rock above the Ebro river.

Date:  10 June 2023
Departure time:  08:00
Return time:  19:00
Price:  37€ / person (30€ offer today through the App)
Availability:  19 Places

08:00: Departure from Plaza Espanya, near Cafe Buenas Migas.

10:30: arrive to Siurana.
10:30 to 12:30: Time to enjoy this city.

14:00: Arrival at Miravet.
14:00 to 17:00: Time to enjoy this city.

19:00 Estimated time of arrival in Barcelona.


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